All our leaf spring resetting is done in house and we are the only company between Brisbane and Gympie capable of servicing the needs of truck, trailer, commercial vehicles and 4wds Basically we can set the spring to your vehicles specific application be it for load carrying, off-road use or a comfort ride ... we do not do “HOT” resets, for reasons being the costs of doing so are too high and in most cases unnecessary. If your vehicles coils need a reset in most cases we can suggest an after market alternative at a comparable price. Also if an aftermarket coil is unavailable we can get yours sent away for a custom reset.


We are able to repair broken leaves and worn suspension components on your vehicle. Or if they are beyond repair start afresh.


Got a vehicle that has springs not readily available off the shelf like a hot rod or vintage car? Then look no further, with Richard’s vast knowledge of spring design we’re able to design a spring perfect for ur vehicles individual needs.. Be it for on or off-road use.

Raise & Lower

The main issue here is getting it done right, these days the authorities are putting the ride heights of many vehicles under scrutiny. Keep it legal and keep it safe for on road use.. if u are considering doing track work with a car we are able to advise of the best and safest ways of dropping your vehicle and the best products available. If you enjoy completion work with your 4wd we can suggest of design a leaf or coils spring set up to give you the desired travel and clearance.


as we’ve mention in previous sections we are able to modify your vehicles suspension to best maximise its potential. For example a tradesman who carries a constant load on his utility we’d strengthen his springs by adding 1 or 2 leaves to the existing packs. Which would level up the vehicle and minimise the effects that load carrying can have on braking steering and the vehicles general handling and drivability. We use this same process for many heavy vehicle applications as well like trucks and trailers.